Huheso Fm


is a Commercial Radio Station locally owned by THE FOUNDATION FOR HUMAN HEALTH AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT (HUHESO FOUNDATION). HUHESO FM RADIO is an accessible, responsible, and responsive radio alternative, serving the diverse communities of radio listeners in Kahama Town Council. It was established in June 2017 and officially commenced its production and broadcasting in February 2018. Currently through our radio programs broadcasting, we are covering all districts of; Shinyanga, Geita, Tabora and Kigoma regions.


The radio project’s broadcast studio, transmission site and office will initially be all located on plot number 797 Block “L” Igembensabo street, Malunga area in Kahama Town, in Shinyanga region-Tanzania, Latitude: 3°49′59″ S, Longitude: 32°36′00″ E of equator, Elevation above sea level: 1249 m = 4097 ft and 33.00 East of Greenwich Meridian. Transmission site is at Police hill (Coordinates =S1 19 57.7, E34 24 05.6, Altitude =1611m above sea level) which is some 2.4km from HUHESO offices and the town centre.


As a community servant, HUHESO FM RADIO will cultivate a synergy between art and information through social enterprise and creative programs that link diverse cultural backgrounds by stimulating the mind, body and soul. HUHESO FM RADIO will provide every person with a platform of pulsating perspectives to express themselves within the existing cultural diversities. HUHESO FM RADIO will be the communities’ hub of information; an innovative and dynamic property of lifelong learning that will be open to all and free from the chains of any type of influence. When curiosity leads an individual to begin a voyage of enlightenment, HUHESO FM RADIO will be his or her vessel propelled by the winds of understanding.


HUHESO FM RADIO will be an independent, communities-based and, to an extent, a volunteer-run radio station dedicated to serve listeners in Kahama District council and neighboring areas.
In accordance with the HUHESO’s mission, and as partners with communities in the area of its coverage, it will engage itself in the transformation of the lives of people in Kahama District council through the exchange of compelling and enriching ideas using a diverse array of educational, informative and creative broadcast programs and services that engage, inspire and stimulate the empowerment of the communities in matters related to children and other community based affairs. HUHESO FM RADIO aims to serve with particular regard for those individuals, groups, issues and music that have been overlooked, suppressed or under-represented by other media and to provide a forum for the exchange of cultural and intellectual ideas and music through an intuitive and inspirational approach. Vibrant communities are well informed and involved, embrace diversity, respectfully share opinions and foster economic and social justice. HUHESO FM RADIO shall also build communities by bringing people together to celebrate the music of the world and give an alternative voice to the communities.


With the aforementioned narrations, generally, HUHESO FM RADIO’S objectives are to ensure that there will be prompt and easy access to on- the-air (OTA) news, information, and music as well as other radio programs basing on facts and truth to the general folk in the local communities in Kahama District council. The objectives are based on the recognition of the fact that in order to bring an alternative voice to the airwaves of Kahama District council and to thrive against current and potential future competition, HUHESO Foundation needs to build a radio that will be heavily influenced by the communities that it works for. Locally produced, alternative programming that covers and responds to local developments and the larger worldwide community is what will differentiate HUHESO FM RADIO from the more broad hand-outs of other public radio station as well as satellite radio and other developing technologies.


HUHESO FM Radio programs are dedicated to gratify the entire sectors of life. HUHESO FM RADIO offers a diverse combination of informational, educational and entertainment affairs programming reaching all age and sex groups. As we are going on with our radio programs, an estimated total number of 1.5 to 2 million listeners are reached with our broadcastings throughout our coverage areas.