HUHESO Foundation is implementing PESA KWA WOTE (PKW) project through funding of CARE International in Tanzania so that to extend financial services to rural poor people through it's highly successful and popular Village Savings and Loans (VSL) methodology. This project has been in place as from October 2014 and shall end in December, 2018. PKW Project through HUHESO Foundation has up to date reached a total of 13,150 beneficiaries. 70% being of women which is equal to 9,205 female beneficiaries, 30% being of men which is equal to male 3,945 beneficiaries The project is being implemented in three (3) councils of Kahama District Council; Kahama Town Council, Msalala District Council and Ushetu District Council.

PESA KWA WOTE (PKW) project works to address the financial needs of the rural poor people with limited access to financial services using the Village Savings and Loan (VSL) methodology. This methodology is a savings based approach that has proven to substantially fill the gaps and overcome limitations of existing financial services, particularly to the rural poor people.

The approach to project implementation is through direct implementation by the following five PESA KWA WOTE (PKW) project staff members; Project Manager (1), Project Accountant (1), Project Officers (2) and Intern (1).

PKW Project Overall Objective

The overall objective of the project is: Improved access to financial services to rural community women and men in three districts; Kahama TC, Ushetu DC and Msalala DC in Shinyanga region, Tanzania mainland by December 2018.

PKW Project Specific Objectives

The PKW project expects to achieve the following specific objectives as from January-December 2017:-

Objective 1: Improved and strengthened quality of the existing 166 VSL groups

Objective 2: Fee-for-service model designed and piloted to deliver sustainable groups.

Objective 3: Enhance learning around group quality and group sustainability

Objective 4: Strengthen programme M&E systems to enhance programme quality of VSL groups

NOTE: For PHASE II of PKW Project implementation, the specific objectives are four but out of which only objective number 1 & 4 are for CSOs implementing the project including HUHESO Foundation. The rest of the objectives (2 & 3) are for the donor (CARE International in Tanzania.

2.1.4: PKW Project Activities

As for the PHASE II of PKW project implementation which is from January 2017 up to December 2018, the following are the activities which will be conducted only for January to December 2017;

Specific Objective 1: Improved and strengthened quality of existing 166 PKW formed VSL groups


  1. Conduct recruitment for One (1) Intern
  2. Conduct training in VSLA methodology for 3652 VSL group members
  3. Field Officers to visit VSL groups weekly
  4. Collect data on VSL group savings and loans on quarterly basis

Specific Objective 4: To strengthen Programme Monitoring and Evaluation Systems, to enhance programme quality of 166 VSL groups


  1. Fill/ update MIS raw data using online system
  2. Conduct monitoring to assess the use of M&E tools by both FOs and Intern
  3. Conduct supportive monitoring visits to 166 VSL groups.
  4. Follow up on checking VSLA health for 166 VSL groups
  5. Produce both Narrative and Financial reports (quarterly and annually)