Young Reporters Network (YRN) is a national program in Tanzania that gives children the opportunity to advocate for their rights and discuss their issues through media. Children prepare and air their radio programs themselves under the assistance of facilitators, whose main role is to provide technical support to the young reporters. Everything from topic selection, formats used, questions, guests and music selection are all done by children. Through the radio programs, which are the most powerful means of communication and are easily accessed by large populations, the young reporters discuss child rights issues, challenges facing children, the Children's Agenda in Tanzania, maternal health, HIV/AIDS, child labour and any other child related issues such as child engagement in elections and road safety.


HUHESO Foundation as from 2011 up to date is implementing Young Reporters' Network through in Kahama Town Council-Shinyanga region through funding, guidance, constant supervision, technical know how, provision of program documents as well as other necessary information, regarding the program & also for their support in completing the program interventions from UNICEF Tanzania, Children Radio Foundation (CRF) and Mwanza Youth and Children Network (MYCN) for their guidance, constant supervision, technical know how, project documents as well as for provision of necessary information regarding the success of the program.

The Young Reporters Network radio show through HUHESO Foundation is called MEZA YA WATOTO whereby, young reporters do prepare and air their recorded radio programs on every Saturday from 8:30am-9:00am through Kahama Fm radio (90.8MHz) under the assistance of one facilitator (Wilbert Mathew Wanga) and the HUHESO Foundation-Executive Director (Juma Mwesigwa) who are the profound key facilitators of program production from production meetings, to field work, going on air and review of the show depending on the availability of fund.

However, these recorded shows once aired out are often shared to social media; soundcloud, Google Drive of YRN Tanzania and facebook account of young reporters' network Tanzania for easy accessibility to social media users.

In the program interventions, the young reporters in Kahama through HUHESO Foundation works cooperatively with other partner organizations implementing YRN, which are Save the Children International (Dar-es-Salaam), Restless Development (Iringa and Mbeya), ZAPHA+ (Unguja and Pemba), and MYCN (Mwanza and national coordinator). As from the help of the above named vital partners, young reporters from Kahama shines to the angle of being good ambassadors of child rights.


Only six (6) girls aged 15-17 years, but three (3) are committed and voluntarily taking part in YRN interventions; Irene Joachim (17), Teddy Daniel (16), Rehema Kasiani (16), Monica Joachim (16), Rachel Simon (17), Happiness Freddy (16). Three (3) boys; Rashid Omary (17), Augustine Peter (16) and Peter Charles (16) are active participating in the program as well.

Therefore, the YRN group through HUHESO Foundation currently comprises of nine (9) young reporters, one (1) facilitator (Wilbert Wanga), the financial and administrative officer (Erick Rwehumbiza) and the executive director-HUHESO Foundation (Juma Mwesigwa) who are the key facilitators in the whole process of program production. They are also responsible for all program interventions as well as program financial compliance.


YRN group at HUHESO Foundation in Kahama District Council has five (5) working tape recorders and five (5) headphones, two (2) flip cameras, two (2) digital cameras and one (1) working laptop.